Featured Love Letter

Marissa & Kirk

We hired Katie to help keep everything organized for our wedding. She went above and beyond for my husband and I. We had planned to have an outdoor wedding on a family farm, but that is not where we ended up getting married. The weather completely changed our plans last minute and if it had not been for Katie we would have not been able to pull it off. We had to move our wedding  and reception location. She was extremely helpful with decorations, helping to decide what decor to use or where things should go, she was great with organizing the wedding party for photos, our line up to enter the reception, and when to do what for the reception. She was the person who kept everything flowing smooth and was there whenever we needed her help or advice for something. She had tips and ideas that we would never have thought of or done. My husband and I agree that having a wedding planner like Katie was a total life saver and a no-brainer. 

Fall Wedding